Benefit #2

What Makes Us Different?

Your benefit by having a Realtor & Mortgage Broker, plus a full time Marketing Manager working for you. This means we have plenty of time to make sure you home gets sold as quickly as possible.

How most realtors operateHow Most Realtors Operate


• Undertakes to juggle all these tasks by
him or herself
• Eventually runs up against the limits of
time, energy and money
• Few homes sold means limited cash flow
to invest back into advertising your home
• Limited time means

The Property Central Home Advisor TeamWhat The Property Central Home Adviser Team Different

• You get a Realtor & Morgage Broker, Plus a Marketing
Manager working for you (versus just a realtor)
• We never run out of time for you because each of us is
separately responsible for a specific process in the selling
of your home
• Together, our combined efforts add up to superior marketing
and consumer service

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